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TCI Titan Contracting Incorporated is looking for an experienced Construction Project Manager for new developments. The ideal candidate will harbor a passion for design, construction, and creativity. The Project Manager’s job is to oversee projection from conception to completion while interfacing both with construction professionals and clients. The position includes benefits and competitive salary, while the job includes both hands-on and administrative duties.

Construction Project Managers responsibilities and duties will include:

  • Working with the client(s) from the start of each project to ensure understanding of scope and vision for the project.
  • Overseeing the beginning of each turn-key project while managing details including permit submission and design evaluations.
  • Creating the schedule for each project while matching talent to job.
  • Processing change orders.
  • Collaborating with both the architect and construction crew to ensure feasibility of the project.
  • Conducting meetings on-site with architect, client, and construction crew.
  • Negotiating with vendors, suppliers, and subcontractors.
  • Preparing and submitting project estimates to clients.
  • Having Construction Project Manager qualifications and skills.


Preferred Candidates:

  • Have excellent time management skills.
  • Have the ability to manage multiple projects at once.
  • Posses post secondary education in a discipline related to construction.
  • Are able to read blueprints, structural drawings, and specifications.
  • Are able to use construction software such as Microsoft Project and MS Office.
  • Posses advanced understanding of risk management policies and procedures.
  • Extensive experiencing managing budgets for large construction projects.
  • Strong knowledge of construction materials, processes and equipment.

NOTE: The above job description is a highlight of just some of the important duties.  Upon the successful candidate being employed there may be changes to the duties to best fit both the project and the growing needs of TCI Titan Contracting Incorporated.

TCI Titan Contracting Incorporated is looking for an experienced Site Superintendent to oversee multiple construction projects. Candidates will be responsible for the entire supervision of a construction project while implementing Health and Safety protocol, coordinating subtrades, ordering material, scheduling, quality control, and performing other typical Site Superintendent duties. The position includes benefits and a competitive salary, while the job includes both hands-on and administrative duties.

Site Superintendent responsibilities and duties will include:

  • Training and general management of all employees on the project.
  • Monitoring performance of sub-contractors and staff.
  • Monitoring project budget.
  • Accomplishing project by defining the scope and resources required.
  • Allocating resources, materials, sub-contractors and other staff.
  • Maintaining a safe, secure, and healthy work environment by adhering to- and enforcing- safety code and company Health and Safety Policies.


Preferred Candidates:

  • Posses both a positive attitude and willingness to encourage co-workers.
  • Have excellent communications skills.
  • Have a minimum of 5-10 years experience in general construction.
  • Boast experience in supervising construction projects.
  • Have the ability to set priorities and exercise flexibility where necessary.
  • Have the ability to read and understand blueprints, schematics, and construction documents.
  • Understand proper safety procedures and recognition of hazards.
  • Demonstrate a strong understanding of building code compliance as well as building inspection reviews.
  • Are able to demonstrate professionalism in dealing with conflict resolution.


NOTE: The above job description is not all inclusive; it highlights key aspects of general duties of the position. Candidates, upon employment, may be required to perform other duties at a high level (or their duties may change) to accommodate the growing needs of TCI Titan Contracting Incorporated

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