Titan Environmental

Titan Environmental is focused on environmental remediation and aims to maintain the high standards, expertise, and community engagement set forth by its parent company, Titan Group.

Titan Environmental specializes in the removal of hazardous waste materials from commercial, institutional, and residential properties. With the latest technology and advanced equipment coupled with exceptionally qualified staff, Titan Environmental is equipped to provide quality environmental remediation services while staying in compliance with industry standards, customs, and regulations.

Titan Environmental boasts several services which, through the implementation of key features, allows us to provide services in a number of areas of expertise.

These features and services include:

  • Thoroughly trained and fully insured asbestos remediation technicians
  • Complete worksite preparation, cleaning, and safe disposal of asbestos
  • Equipped to handle Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3 asbestos removal projects
  • Removal of lead, mold, mercury, PCBs, Ozone depleting substances
  • Monitoring of air quality

Titan Environmental, through this expansion, will carry forth the reputation for high-quality service set by its parent company into the practice of environmental remediation, and we look forward to providing service to you on all future projects.

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